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CDTS Behavioural Consultations

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Behaviour ConsultationsThis service is for specific problems such as aggression, over attachment issues, fear and anxiety related disorders, in fact anything that causes you concern and affects your dog’s health and well-being

Consultations typically last at least 2 hours and you are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire in advance to help me understand the complexity of the problem(s). This enables me to use the consultation time more productively to assess and make suggestions to help resolve the issues.

Behaviour Consultations

A full written report is sent detailing all that was discussed in the meeting including training exercises and a behaviour modification programme. I may also suggest a management plan to help you in the short term while you are working on changing your dog’s behaviour.

Support and advice are available via telephone, email, skype or facetime which can be incredibly useful if you need to show me how you are progressing or are experiencing any problems.

Please note I usually advise a full veterinary check prior to consultation as it is unlikely that a behaviour modification programme will work if there’s an underlying physiological problem.


Consultation £150 (this includes further help via phone, email, skype etc for a period of 3 months from date of consultation).

Follow up behaviour session £75 for 1.5 hours.

*Please note – payment is required before or on the day of the consult.

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