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About The Training Courses

As we are a pet dog training school, our main desire is to teach people how to have a rewarding relationship with their dog. Although training and control is essential for our dogs, it is also important to make training fun! Most of our clients with dogs in Advanced classes had no thought of continuing up through to the higher levels when they started training with us. They didn’t realise, initially, just how addictive training can be! Seeing their dogs have fun and be successful at exercises that they didn’t think were possible, is thrilling for our clients, and very rewarding for the Instructors as well!

All our courses are 8 weeks long and last an hour. We fit in with school term times – for example January to April. We normally take 8 dog per class and always guarantee to have at least 2 instructors, sometimes 3 present. During Covid this may be reduced to 6 dogs per class with 1 or 2 Instructors. We are happy to take both puppies and adult dogs as our method of training works well on dogs of any age. We use a reward based training method and do not use harsh methods of any sort. Our preferred choice of training equipment is a flat buckle collar, a harness or a head-collar. Sometimes we suggest a more suitable brand if your harness or head-collar is not fitting correctly – we do not advocate the use of check / choke chains or slip leads.

At Beginner level, we offer you an evening pre-class meeting on Zoom where you are able to meet your Instructor and the assistants, plus the rest of your class members. Your Instructor will go over some housekeeping rules, give you some hints and tips on how to be successful in your training at home and answer any questions you may have – be they related to the course or not. Each Beginners course also includes a short chat afterwards to go over your homework goals and to discuss any problems you may be encountering.

Please note we do not allow dogs with aggression problems in our classes but do offer special sessions to help overcome these issues.

We offer five training levels: Beginner, Novice, Improver, Intermediate and Advanced…read more.

Times and Locations

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Monday Starting 13th July

17:00: Beginners

Ryslip Kennels
Church Lane
Binfield RG42 5NL

Tuesday Starting 14th July

09:30: Beginners

10:45: Novice

12:00: Beginners, Improvers or Intermediate
(according to demand)

Ryslip Kennels
Church Lane
Binfield RG42 5NL

Wednesday Starting 15th July

18:30: Beginners

19:30: Novice

Ryslip Kennels
Church Lane
Binfield RG42 5NL

Friday Starting 17th July

11:00: Beginners

12:15: Novice

Ryslip Kennels
Church Lane
Binfield RG42 5NL


Please note – courses are filled on a first come first served basis and we are always oversubscribed. If you are enrolling near the start date it is best to ring: 07711 532210 or 01344 891771 and confirm if there are spaces available.

All 8 Week  courses are £180.00.

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