Pack Walks & Workshops

Pack Walk

Pack Walks

For groups of 6 – 10 dogs (COVID dependent).
Structured one hour lead walks held at a private facility.
Various exercises practised during the walk to teach the dogs to be calm in the presence of other dogs.

Outdoor Workshop


Can be held inside or outside.
Inside workshops include tricks, games etc.
Outside workshops include loose lead walking, recall, enrichment etc.

Indoor Workshop


 Loose Lead/Recall/Tricks Workshops £20 – £25
(depending on type and length of workshop)

Pack Walks £18


Recall and Distance Control 4 week course £100

Learn how to control your dog at a distance, be able to get a solid recall, tell your dog to ‘wait’ as they move away from you and ‘stop’ as they are coming back towards you.

Your dog will learn to stay more focused and learn to ‘check in’ on you. Please click on the link below to see availability. Limited to just 4 people per course

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