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CDTS Private One-to-One Training and Private Lessons

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One to One Training

“My dog pulls so badly, I’m getting to the stage where I dread taking him out.”

One to One Training and Private Lessons
One to One Training and Private Lessons
Sometimes this is the better option if you can’t commit to a regular weekly class. One to one training can be specifically tailored to suit your needs, whether that’s focusing specifically on a particular issue such as recall problems, or whether you just need help with general training e.g teaching your dog not to pull, jump up, training a ‘wait’ at the front door, to settle in public areas etc.
Lessons can last an hour or an hour and a half and can be taken at home, or out and about in parks around other dogs, or a mixture of the two. We can even train in town to teach your dog to focus on you in any environment. Lessons can be taken in the day, evening or at the weekend.

“My dog has no manners around other dogs – people keep complaining that she’s too rough.”

Puppy One to One Starter Session

Get prepared! Getting ground rules established from the word go can save you lots of time and effort later by teaching appropriate behaviour before your puppy gets into bad habits! You can have a lesson either before you pick your puppy up to get on the right track with house training, crating etc or else wait until you bring your puppy home and I can show you early recall training, how to stop chewing, mouthing, jumping up etc. This is really useful to learn how to entertain a busy puppy before their vaccination schedule has finished

Private Group Lessons

Why not get a small group of you together and share the cost? I am happy to run a group private lesson for up to 3 people which can last an hour or an hour and a half. The training can either take place in a safe, secure outside area, in the indoor training hall I use or we can arrange to meet up and do a group walk, incorporating exercises while we’re out.



Puppy Starter Session

Ideal for either before bringing your puppy home or directly afterwards (age 8-10 weeks)

1.5 hour Session: £80

Designed to answer all your questions on how to travel your puppy home,  advice on those critical first few days, suggestions on crate training, house training, play biting, chewing, jumping up, car travel, getting used to a collar/harness and lead, daily routine, sleep patterns, feeding routine, appropriate play behaviour, distraction techniques, basic house rules and guidelines, how to meet other dogs, people etc

 Online Training Session for Puppies and Older Dogs

Ideal for puppies of 10 weeks or over, adolescents or older dogs.

1  hour lesson £55 or 1.5 hours £80

On these sessions we can teach basic training exercises e.g. ‘come’, ‘wait’, ‘leave’ or more advanced training such as ‘go to bed’, off lead heelwork, retrieve and scent work etc. Lessons catered to your individual needs and requirements.

Private Group Lessons – why not share a lesson with a friend(s)?

Please note group sessions cannot be held during current covid restrictions.

1 Hour Lesson for 2 people £80 or 1.5 hour lesson £100

1 hour Lesson for 3 people £120 or 1.5 hour lesson £165



*Please note booked lessons may include a mileage fee if travelling outside a 7 mile radius of Bracknell. Any charges incurred by hiring a venue must be met by the client(s).

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