Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training method do you use?

We use a reward-based method, using treats and/or toys to motivate the dogs do learn in a happy and motivated way. We do not use harsh methods of any kind.

How old does my puppy have to be to enrol in the class?

We take puppies after vaccination at around 12 – 14 weeks, and sometimes will, with your vet’s permission allow them in after only one vaccine.

Do you take older dogs in your classes?

Yes, in fact probably half of the dogs in class are made up of older ‘rescue’ dogs, pedigree and cross-breads, or dogs who have reached adolescence and have suddenly gone ‘conveniently deaf’!

Cranbourne Dog Training School - FAQs

How many dogs do you take in any one class?

We take a maximum of 8 dogs per class but at certain times (e.g. Covid) the limit is 6

How many Instructors are there present in any one class?

As well as one Instructor we do normally have one assistant, sometimes more in the class. Covid restrictions may alter this.

How long do the classes last?

They all run for an hour, and at beginner level, you are working for the entire hour with your dog.

Can my children/partner take part in the training in the class as well?

We welcome family members (if Covid restrictions allow) as it teaches everyone to ‘sing from the same hymn-book’ and encourages consistency in your dog’s training. Children over the age of 9 are usually more adept at the training than their parents!

Do you supply handouts?

We give detailed online handouts ensure that our clients are able to continue their training at home in-between their classes. Ongoing support is offered via telephone or email.

What sort of collars do you recommend?

CDTS does not advocate the use of choke chains or slip leads. Flat collars, harnesses or head collars are recommended.

Can I join a class halfway through a course?

No, it can be unsettling for the rest of the dogs in the class, plus the course moves sequentially through a number of exercises and it would be very difficult to join in without knowing what had been taught the week before.

Does it matter if I miss a class or two?

Missing the odd class is not a problem, but missing two consecutively means it’s hard to catch up so we normally suggest you pay for a private lesson to get back up to speed.

Can I come and watch a class before I join?

Absolutely! We encourage people to come and see what we do, and are very proud of how our classes are run.