Puppy & Dog Training Classes


About The Training Courses

Our main goal is to teach you how to have a rewarding relationship with your dog. During our relaxed classes we train you to teach your dog life skills so your dog learns to be polite and well-mannered around adults, children and other dogs.

  • Courses are either 6 or 8 weeks long and last an hour.
  • We normally take 6 but occasionally a maximum of 8 dogs per class.
  • Classes are suitable for both puppies and adult dogs as our method of training works well on dogs of any age.
  • We use reward-based training and do not use harsh methods of any sort.
  • We will not accept dogs wearing check / choke chains or slip leads. A flat buckle collar, harness or a head-collar are all fine.
  • We do not allow dogs with aggression problems in our classes but do offer special sessions to help overcome these issues.

Training Levels

Beginner Class

Teaches you recall, loose lead walking, lie down, wait, how to stop jumping up behaviours, settle, leave, appropriate meeting of other dogs, handling skills plus advice on how to deal with chewing, mouthing, ‘home alone’ etc.

Novice Class

Teaches attention around distractions, sit and down stay, recalls away from and past other dogs, distance control, recall over a jump (just for fun!) and the beginning of off lead walking.

Improver Class

Progresses heel off lead, emergency stop, go to mat, using a buzzer, multi dog off lead work (recalls, stays etc), stays with distractions.

Advanced Class

Stays with harder distractions, scent work, retrieving, tricks, directional work.

Location & Times

All classes are held in the Charlotte Pratt Hall, Chavey Down Rd, Winkfield Row, Bracknell RG42 7NY or occasionally at Ryslip Kennels, Church Lane, Binfield RG42 5NL in an enclosed field. 


Classes are held on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Dates and times are on the booking system.


CDTS Student Instruction



All 6 Week courses are £140.00

All 8 Week courses are £185.00

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