Helpful Hints

Exercise: Regular exercise is very important to your dog. It provides mental and physical stimulation, which is needed to maintain your dog’s health…more

House Training: Six recommendations to make house training your dog easier…more

Crate Training Advantages: Crates have long been accepted and taken for granted by dog show exhibitors, obedience and field trial competitors, trainers, breeders, groomers, veterinarians and anyone who handles dogs regularly…more

Muzzle Training: The basis of muzzle training is to teach your dog to have a positive experience in association with the muzzle rather than negative ones…more

Stress In Your Dog: We all have the ability to get stressed – our dogs included…more

Neutering Male Dogs: In the majority of dogs, neutering will result in a marked improvement in the behavioural problems of a sexual nature…more

Understanding Females: Female dogs reach sexual maturity at different times, with small breeds attaining it quicker than the bigger ones…more

Food Advice: Your dog’s behaviour, happiness , health, longevity and over all well being are all dependant on you feeding him a well balanced nutritional diet…more

Professional Dog Walkers: More and more people are using dog walkers to ensure that their pet isn’t left at home all day and that it is socialised and exercised during these busy times…more

Poisonous Substances: Dogs Trust list of poisonous plants, garden and household substances…more